Film & Ad Production

We provide on-spot Production assistance for Commercial Films shot in Poland. IMPAKT FILM is also a creative production company with its own local client base. Since 2010 we have realized a number of TV and Radio Ad campaigns.

our services

  • Scriptwriting We improve the film grammar of your own concept or you let us originate creative film ideas that fit within your existing communications strategy.
  • Commercial Production Qualified, detail-obsessed and delightful. Ask our creative producers for the impossible and expect them to deliver.
  • Storyboarding Tell us how you want your boards to look and we’ll choose the right storyboard artist.
  • Commercial DirectingBe it a global advertising campaign or an experiential marketing drive for a niche demographic, our roster of craft-orientated directors offer expertise and experience across a huge range of disciplines.
  • Editing and Color Correction We provide state of the art equipment, access to the finest cutters in Poland and all operated under the watchful eye of our in-house technical team. Our colorists work on in-house run DaVinci, the Hollywood’s favorite tool.
  • Audio Post-ProductionCrystal clarity at unheard of value, our audio post-production delivers bespoke compositions and soundscapes to enhance every brief.