A revolt is a rare but universal phenomenon. This series looks to understand the processes behind revolts throughout the XX century.
How are they triggered? How did they spread throughout a whole society? Why did they end the way they did? These are the main questions which this series attempts to address, through the story and the analysis of major contemporary uprisings, supported by archive images and interviews with former participants of May '68 in France, recent Arab revolutions, the Prague Spring, Iranian revolution, the protests of Tiananmen Square and Poland's Solidarność mouvement.
Years 1980-1989 in Poland are analyzed in detail in Episode 2 but are also brought to attention in other episodes.  
Film 1
“The impossible becomes possible” ... Through the examples of the May ’68 events in France and the Prague Spring, we follow the "coming to birth" of revolts: from initial movements of protest to full-blown revolutionary movements.
Film 2
“Avoiding escalation into conflict” … Through the examples of Poland’s Solidarność and the 1989 Chinese revolution we find out why a revolt is an autonomous phenomenon, that no one, even those well-armed, can ever control.
Film 3
“Choosing violence” … This episode. illustrated by repressive events in Iran (1979) and China (1989), explores the question of why is it so difficult to find a "good" solution to a revolt.
Film 4
“The hangover” … How, through the story of the Arab Spring, it is never possible to anticipate the “outcome” of a revolt, which is the product of its own mechanism.
The series produced by Yami 2 Production, Paris for France 5 in collaboration with IMPAKT FILM. Release date 09/2013.